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A new standard of sustainable luxury

Through the use of local resources and a design that dialogues with nature, Nawi will provide a new standard of sustainable luxury and organic design style building, not only in Fiji, but globally. Inspired by organic seashells shapes, the buildings will surround Korovesa Island as a necklace adorns a lady’s neck.

Architectural design

The most distinctive boutique Marina in the world. Nawi has engaged an architectural design team that was uniquely selected and specifically purposed for the specialized craft skills in sustainable design build and innovative green architecture, with an emphasis on bamboo. With past projects around the world including Brazil, US, Spain, Indonesia and Mexico, the primary objective of this team has been to develop a sustainable design/build approach from infrastructure to organic vertical construction. With their unique perspective they will be developing the most distinctive boutique Marina in the world – not only complimenting the South Pacific as a whole but putting Savusavu on the international map as a one of a kind marine destination.

Ocean and marina views

The main feature buildings (administration & guest amenities) will be developed and constructed into the natural topography of the island; live rock walls will be crafted into the structure to create an experience for the guests to stay in contact with nature. Organic roofing inspired by the shapes of the sea and built from bamboo will protect the buildings from rain and sun while naturally orientating with prevailing breezes for ideal cross ventilation comfort. The organic shapes inspired by nature allow the fluency of spaces, the connection between all of them and creating a symbiotic experience.

Arrival Jetty – Connecting the mainland

The arrival jetty will be located on the foreshore of the mainland in Savusavu to receive and return clients and visitors. The arrival jetty will be the transit point to and from the island.
The Nawi Arrival Jetty will also be the point of submarine services for hydraulic and telecommunication, and additional reticulation services to the island and marina.

Restaurant &
Lounge Bar

After a period out at sea, Nawi Island Marina will offer visitors and residents alike good food, music and company in a boutique setting. Nawi Island Marina has plans for a restaurant and lounge area with a sitting capacity of 170 people. This will see patrons having the option of having a private room or in a common area. The Marina will feature intricate use of bamboo and thatching which is in line with the Island’s green concept.

Luxury Spa

The Nawi Island Spa will feature innovative natural therapies using incredible soothing ingredients made with the freshest Fijian fruits, nuts and extracts.

The spa will cater for the visiting yachts and give guests a chance to pamper themselves once they reach land. They would not have to venture far or take another gruelling ride before treating themselves to a massage, pedicure and even a manicure. 

The wellness spa will be located on the Western side of the island curtained with the southern side natural privacy mangrove canopy. The peak of the island includes a green area for events with a pavilion rafted with a bamboo structure including a 360 degree view of the surrounding bay.

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