Eco friendly practices

Renewable Energy

Nawi will maximize the use of renewable energy for all its facilities while minimizing diesel power generation through the design of a PV-Battery-Diesel hybrid energy system.

Nawi aims to face the challenge of power generation in remote locations. Nawi will have a self-generating grid system and will link up various energy sources using a modular system which will provide clean and cost-effective power solutions for the Nawi development.

Solar will be unique in that it will be installed along the floating docks providing shade and rain protection, unlike any other marina in the world, whilst minimizing fuel burning and emissions.

Single use plastics

As plastic contains a major toxic pollutant and it has the potential to cause significant harm to the environment in the form of air, water and land pollution, Nawi will have an Environmental Policy to minimize the use of single use plastics with emphasis on eco-friendly products and the recycling of non-biodegradable items such as glass bottles.

Sustainable building materials

Bamboo is an ancient building material used in a variety of countries and building types. A sustainable material with unique aesthetic and structural qualities, bamboo can be three times more resistant than steel.

Nawi is utilizing synthetic thatching made out of recycled plastics for its feature buildings on the island. The thatch has been proven to withstand the elements and reduce maintenance costs while at the same time retaining its unique look.

Nawi Island